FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB: Download and Play Now! 

As a longtime football fan, you crave the latest updates and innovations in sports gaming. The recently released FIFA 16 MOD EA SPORT'S FC 24 APK OBB Data will satisfy your thirst for football action and challenge you with its upgraded features. This modified version of the popular FIFA 16 includes 24 new teams from various European leagues as well as new player faces, kits, and stats to provide an even more authentic experience. With improved graphics, controls, and gameplay, FIFA 16 MOD EA SPORT'S FC 24 APK OBB Data delivers an unparalleled football simulation that you can enjoy for hours. Download it today and get ready to play the beautiful game.


FIFA 16 Mod 24 EA SPORT'S FC is a modified version of the popular FIFA 16 soccer simulation game. This modded APK and OBB data aims to provide an enhanced gameplay experience for FIFA 16 players.

  • What's New: This modded FIFA 16 includes updated kits, emblems and player rosters for various soccer clubs to match the 2019-2020 season. It also adds in 24 new teams from different leagues and countries around the world, including clubs from Finland, Japan, Argentina, Scotland, etc. The mod allows you to play as one of these new teams in Exhibition matches, Tournaments and Career Mode.

  • Improved Graphics: The modded FIFA 16 EA SPORT'S FC features improved player faces, updated kits with higher resolution and enhanced stadium environments for a more realistic experience. The graphics have been optimized to provide better performance even on mid-range or low-end devices.

  • Gameplay Changes: The gameplay has been tweaked to increase the speed and responsiveness. The players move and react faster, passes are crisper and shots have more power. The AI has also been improved with smarter teammates and opponents. These changes make for a faster, more dynamic style of soccer.

  • Download Instructions: To install FIFA 16 Mod 24 EA SPORT'S FC, you will need to download the APK and OBB data files. First, uninstall any previous versions of FIFA 16 on your device. Then, download the APK and OBB files on your phone. Install the APK file. Finally, extract the OBB zip file into /Android/OBB/ folder or copy the extracted folder into /Android/OBB/. You may have to enable "Unknown Sources" to install the APK. The game is now ready to play!

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Features of the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC

The FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT’S FC APK+OBB offers many exciting features for football fans. Below are some of the main attractions of this modded version of the popular FIFA franchise:

  • Play with 24 officially licensed clubs from EA SPORTS FC, including legendary teams like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. You can select from over 700+ players to make your ultimate dream team.

  • Experience enhanced player stats and attributes for ultra-realistic gameplay. Players move and behave as they would on the real pitch. New skill moves, celebrations, and goalkeeper animations make the game feel authentic.

  • Compete in multiple game modes like Kick Off, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, and Online Team Play. You can also participate in tournaments to win trophies and rewards. For single player action, choose from Career Mode, Tournaments, and Skill Games.

  • Customize various aspects of the game to your liking. Edit player appearances, kits, emblems, and more. You have full control to tailor the experience to suit your preferences.

  • Get regular updates to rosters, kits, balls, boots, and other in-game items to keep the game up to date with the latest football season. Routine upgrades will be provided to patch any bugs and improve performance.

  • Experience console-quality graphics, thanks to the Frostbite game engine. Lifelike players, stadiums, crowds, lighting, and ball physics immerse you in the world of football. High-resolution textures and HDR rendering produce a visually stunning game.

With its array of features, game modes, customization options, and true-to-life gameplay, FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT’S FC is a must-have for any football fan looking to experience the thrill of the sport on their mobile device. Download now and start your footballing adventure.

Minimum System Requirements to Run the Game

To run FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB on your Android device, you will need a system with the minimum requirements listed below:

Hardware Requirements

  • A device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up. The game may still work on older versions but performance and quality cannot be guaranteed.

  • 3GB of RAM or higher for optimal performance. Less than 3GB of RAM may experience performance issues.

  • A dedicated graphics card (GPU) with 1GB of VRAM or higher. An integrated GPU may struggle to run the game properly.

  • At least 5GB of free storage space. The full game with all additional downloads requires closer to 2GB of storage.

Software Requirements

In order to install and play FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB, you will need:

  • The FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK file. This contains the actual game software.

  • The FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC OBB data file. This contains additional game data needed to run the game.

  • A file archiver or decompressor app to extract the OBB file.

  • A download manager app (optional but recommended). This can help with downloading additional game files and updates.

  • It may be necessary to enable "Install from Unknown Sources" in your Android security settings to install the APK.

  • A high-speed internet connection. The initial game download is quite large, and additional updates will also require fast download speeds.

Meeting or exceeding these minimum system requirements will allow for the optimal performance and quality of FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB on your Android device. Failure to meet certain requirements could lead to issues like low frame rates, lag, overheating, and instability. Check your device specs before downloading to ensure maximum enjoyment of this game.

Download Link

To download FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB, follow these steps: 

Download the APK file

First, you need to download the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK file. You can find the latest version on various Android gaming websites and forums. Make sure you select a trusted source to download from. Save the APK file to your Android device.

Enable "Unknown Sources"

Since the APK file is from a third-party source, you need to enable the "Unknown Sources" option. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and turn it on. This will allow you to install APK files from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Download the OBB file

The OBB or Opaque Binary Blob file contains graphics, media and other game data. Download the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC OBB file and save it to your Android/obb folder. You may have to create this folder if it does not exist. The OBB file should be named "".

Install the APK

Now you can install the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK file you downloaded. Open it and tap "Install". The app will request certain permissions to run, so accept them. The installation may take a few minutes to complete.

Move the OBB file

After installing the APK, you need to move the OBB file into the correct location. Go to Android/obb and move the "" OBB file into the "" folder.

Launch the game

You can now open the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC app from your app drawer. The game data in the OBB file will be loaded, and you can start playing! Enjoy the game with all the latest player transfers, kits, stadiums and more. Let the matches begin!

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How to Install FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK + OBB Data

To install FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK + OBB data on your Android device, follow these steps:

Enable "Unknown Sources" Setting

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Download FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK and OBB Files

  1. Download the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK file and FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC OBB zip file.

  2. The APK file installs the actual game.

  3. The OBB zip file contains additional game data needed to run the game.

Extract OBB File

  1. Extract the OBB zip file. This will give you a folder named "" or something similar.

Move OBB Folder

  1. Move the extracted OBB folder to Android>obb. If the obb folder does not exist, create it.


  1. Install the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK file. Accept any permissions it requests.

Open the Game

  1. Open the game. It may take some time to load the OBB file the first time.

  2. The game will now start. Enjoy playing FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC on your Android device!

  3. The OBB file is required for the game to function properly. Without it, the game will crash or not open.

  4. If you face any issues installing the game, try disabling your antivirus or re-downloading files.

  5. Let the game download any additional files it needs the first time you open it. This is normal.

I hope this helps you install FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK + OBB data on your Android phone or tablet. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Gameplay and Controls


To succeed in FIFA 16 Mod EA SPORT'S FC 24, you'll need to master the controls. The controls in FIFA 16 Mod EA SPORT'S FC 24 are intuitive and responsive, allowing you to pull off skill moves, dribble past opponents, and score amazing goals.


When on offense, use the virtual joystick to dribble and steer your player. Tap the action button to pass or cross the ball to teammates. Hold down the action button to lob a high pass or cross. Press the skill button when dribbling to perform skill moves like stepovers, spins and turns to get past defenders. Tap the shoot button to shoot on goal. Aim your shots with the joystick to place your shots in the top corners or finesse them around the keeper.


On defense, use the joystick to move your player and try to stay in front of the ball carrier. Press and hold the contain button to have a teammate press the ball carrier. Tap the standing tackle button to attempt a standing tackle, or the sliding tackle button to slide tackle. Be careful when tackling as mistimed tackles will result in fouls and cards. Use your teammate press and contain defending to limit the offense's space and passing options.


You can also use the through ball button to pass into space for teammates to run onto, the sprint button to accelerate past opponents, and the switch player button to change control to any player on your team. The strategy in FIFA 16 Mod EA SPORT'S FC 24 is to build up plays through short passes in the midfield, utilize skill moves and dribbling to unlock defenses, play through balls to strikers making runs, take longshots when the opportunity arises, and play stout defense to limit chances. Mastering the controls and learning skill moves is key to becoming a great player.

Teams and Leagues Available

Licensed clubs and leagues

FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB features over 350 licensed clubs from 12 leagues including the English Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga. Play with legends from some of the world's most prestigious clubs like FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool FC, and more.

Authentic team rosters

Experience the thrill of playing with your favorite players thanks to authentic team rosters from the 2015-2016 season. Players have been rendered in lifelike detail, including official kits, equipment, playing styles, and even tattoos. Manage your Ultimate Team and build a squad of footballing superstars with special items to boost your team's stats.

Deeper gameplay

The gameplay in FIFA 16 MOD EA SPORT'S FC 24 APK OBB Data has been overhauled to provide more control, creativity and excitement. New attacking techniques like no-touch dribbling give you more options to get past defenders. Physical play has been improved through push back and pull systems to create more realistic battles for the ball. Defensive intelligence has also been enhanced so your opponents can read the game better and track attacking runs to cut off passing lanes.

-New ways to finish: Choose from a variety of new shot types like dipping shots, rising shots, and power chips to create stunning goals.

-Set piece rewrite: Whip in dangerous crosses and place shots on goal directly from free kicks and corners.

-Wider range of passing: Send teammates on runs up the pitch with through balls and lob passes. Pick out players in the box with early crosses to generate more scoring chances.

Whether you want to compete in online multiplayer matches, build your Ultimate Team, or embark on an exciting career as a pro footballer, FIFA 16 MOD EA SPORT'S FC 24 APK OBB Data provides an authentic football experience like no other. Create chances, take on defenders, and score amazing goals to lead your club to victory and glory.

Career Mode

Career Mode

Career Mode allows you to take control of a football club and guide it to glory over multiple seasons. You are able to choose from various leagues across the world, with each league containing authentic clubs with their actual players. As the manager, you are in charge of your club's line-up, tactics, and transfers.

Your goal is to achieve the objectives set by the club's board of directors, which typically involve winning trophies and achieving a high league finish. Meeting these objectives will increase your job security and provide more transfer funds for the next season. Failure to meet objectives could lead to your sacking.

As manager, you have full control over -:

  • Lineups: Choose your starting 11 players and substitutes for each match. You can select team formations and assign player positions.

  • Tactics: Determine your team's style of play by adjusting various sliders for passing, shooting, crossing, and more. Set specific team mentalities like ‘Defensive’, ‘Balanced’, or ‘Attacking’.

  • Transfers: Scout for new players to sign, make offers to buy and sell players, and negotiate contracts. You have to work within your club's budget and consider player attributes, potential, and salary demands.

  • Training: Improve your squad by setting up weekly training schedules that focus on certain attributes. Young players can be sent out on loan to gain experience.

  • Match similation: Either watch or similate through matches, with the ability to make substitutions and tactical changes on the fly. How your team performs depends on your selections and the quality of the opposition.

Career Mode provides a challenging simulation of real-world football management. Success comes from shrewd tactical and transfer decisions, developing young talent, and achieving harmony within your squad. With hard work and perseverance, you can establish a lasting footballing dynasty.

Ultimate Team

Build Your Ultimate Team

To build your Ultimate Team in FIFA 16 MOD EA SPORT'S FC 24, you'll need to acquire player cards to fill your roster. There are a few ways to obtain players:

  • Purchase packs from the store using FUT Coins or FIFA Points. Packs contain random players and consumables to help improve your team. The more expensive the pack, the higher the probability of receiving rare, high-rated player cards.

-Participate in Squad Building Challenges to earn special untradeable player cards and other rewards. These challenges require you to submit squads that meet certain requirements in exchange for the rewards.

-Bid on players in the Transfer Market. Here you can find player cards to bid on or 'buy now'. Search for specific players or filter by various attributes to find players that suit your needs. Make sure to check a player's price range before bidding to avoid overpaying.

-Complete objectives and daily challenges to earn FUT Coins, packs, and other in-game rewards to help build your squad. Some objectives may require winning a certain number of matches, scoring goals, or other accomplishments.

To have a competitive squad, focus on building chemistry between your players. Players of the same nationality, league, or club will link together to increase your team's chemistry. Higher chemistry results in boosted stats for your players. You'll also want to acquire players in key positions like a fast striker, strong defender, and playmaking midfielder.

Continuously improving your Ultimate Team by obtaining better players and consumables through the various options available is the key to success in FIFA 16 MOD EA SPORT'S FC 24. Building a squad with maximum chemistry and highly-rated players in each position will help you dominate your opponents and climb the leaderboards. Craft your dream Ultimate Team and achieve football glory!

FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC FAQs: Common Questions Answered

When will FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC be released?

FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC has been released and is available for download now. The latest version, FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB, was released on October 29, 2021.

What devices is FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC compatible with?

FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC is compatible with most Android devices. The minimum requirements are:

  • Android 5.0 and up

  • 3 GB of RAM

  • Quad-core processor

  • 5 GB of storage space

FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC is optimized to run on a variety of popular Android smartphones and tablets.

How much does FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC cost?

FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC is free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases available for virtual currency to enhance your team and experience.

What features does FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC include?

Some of the main features in FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC include:

  • Authentic soccer simulation with realistic ball physics and player movements

  • Career mode: Choose a club and compete in seasons, cup matches, and European championships

  • Ultimate team mode: Build your dream team by earning and trading soccer player cards

  • Licensed players: Includes thousands of real soccer players and hundreds of teams

  • Multiplayer modes: Compete against friends or players from around the world in online seasons and tournaments

  • Customize your experience: Adjust game settings like time of day, weather conditions, and match duration

  • Regular content updates: Rosters, kits, and stats will be updated throughout the season to align with the real world

How do I download and install FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC?

To download FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC:

  1. Click the download link on the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC website to get the APK file

  2. Enable the "Allow from unknown sources" setting on your Android device

  3. Install the APK file on your device

  4. Download the OBB data files

  5. Move the OBB file to Android/OBB folder on your device

  6. Open the FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC app and enjoy!

The download and installation process is straightforward but let us know if you have any other questions. Enjoy your experience with FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC!


As an avid football fan, you now have the opportunity to experience the thrill of the sport on the go. With FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB, you'll be able to play as your favorite football clubs and players anytime and anywhere. Build your ultimate team, compete in matches with friends, and make your way to the top of the leaderboards. This modded version of the popular FIFA franchise brings high-quality graphics and gameplay to your mobile device for free. What are you waiting for? Download FIFA 16 MOD 24 EA SPORT'S FC APK+OBB today and start experiencing the beautiful game like never before. The pitch is calling - it's time to play.