eFOOTBALL PES 23 Mobile Android


eFOOTBALL PES 23 Android is a game that is played on your mobile phone. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The game features real players of the football world in the form of teams and leagues. The players have their own skills which they use to score goals and win matches.  

eFootball PES 23 Android is a free-to-play game which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store. It features new gameplay mechanics, such as Active Touch System, Adaptive AI System and Real Touch + Dribbling Control.

The Active Touch System allows players to control the ball with more precision than ever before by using intuitive touch controls - tap to pass or shoot and swipe to control the player's movement. Adaptive AI system provides realistic players that learn how you play and apply those learnings when they face you again in future games. Real Touch + dribbling control gives users smoother touch on the ball and more precise dribbling action than ever before, enabling gamers to perform tricks when running at high speed or change direction without losing possession of the ball.  



eFootball PES 23 is a football video game developed by Konami. It was released on September 13, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

PES 2018 is the latest installment of the popular series and has been designed to create a more realistic and immersive experience for players.

The game features improved gameplay with more fluidity in movement, better player responsiveness as well as improved AI. The graphics have also been revamped to make the game look more realistic than ever before.